Cutting the Cord… Why???
Author: MarkPlante
Published: December 10, 2020

Why would you want to get rid of cable? There are many reasons, but it all comes down to one reason… Money. The cost of cable TV in the United States has risen exponentially over the past five years and the entertainment options that Cable Companies offer have dropped by almost 50%.

Another reason to “cut the cord” is that the speed and technological advances in Internet connections now allow for greater variety of entertainment choices, not just those channels that you are forced to purchase by your Cable TV provider. There are literally thousands of FREE steaming entertainment options available, some that are actually in the channel lineup that you pay for with Cable TV.

Entertainment Options

There are also many subscription based streaming options that are available for a fee (YouTube TV, Hulu, Disney+, etc.) that offer hours and hours of premium content for a fraction of the monthly cable bill. Many also offer local television stations with your monthly subscription. The one issue to be aware of is how many monthly subscriptions that you have because you can easily pay more than a monthly cable bill.

Free Television

That is right, free television is available to everyone. Yes, all of your local TV stations broadcast their signal “Over The Air” for free. In most cases all you would need to purchase is an inexpensive antenna from your local retailer. The price for an indoor antenna usually starts at around $15. Attach the antenna to your television, scan for channels and now you have FREE television. I have actually found that where I live, the OTA stations have better sound and image than the same channel through my Cable TV provider.

In some areas, an indoor antenna may not be strong enough, so you will need to invest in an outdoor antenna. The cost of an outdoor antenna can run into hundreds of dollars, so please consult with a professional on what type of antenna is needed for your area and also for the installation.

Streaming Equipment

There are all types of equipment that you can use to stream media to your television. The two most popular right now are a Smart TV and your Smart Phone, computer or tablet.

A Smart TV is a television set that was built with a streaming device built within the TV itself. With this device, all you would need to do is connect your Smart TV with your WiFi and you would be able to stream directly to the TV.

With your other devices, you would just need to download the app from the streaming source that you would want to watch. Windows, IOS and Android devices support this method. There are also methods where you would be able to stream the media that you are watching on one of these devices directly to your television using Chromecast, AirPlay or other methods.

If you are not able to use one of the devices mentioned, there are products that you can purchase which will allow you to view streamed media on your television via a HDMI port.

Some of the most popular streaming products available today are Chromecast with Google TV, AppleTV, Roku, Amazon Firestick and more. These products range in price from $30 to well over $100. Before purchasing, make sure to research the product that you are going to purchase so that it is the right fit for the media in which you are wanting to stream and watch.

Cutting the cord is becoming easier and more economical at Internet technology advances. I can see in the near future where all media will be streamed via internet (i.e. 5G) and Cable TV will go the way off the Dodo Bird.

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