Canon EOS M50
Author: MarkPlante
Published: March 4, 2020

Canon EOS M50Introducing my newest toy.  This is the Canon EOS M50.  This mirrorless camera shoots both still images and video.

I purchased this camera to replace both my Canon G7x and Canon T6i.  With its small form factor and the ability to use interchangeable lenses, it was a no brainer purchase for me.

I have been using the Canon G7x daily for almost five years and it was a very dependable camera for both photography and video.  But after five years it is starting to show some ware and tear.  I have been having major problems with the camera’s auto-focus not working or taking a while to focus on an object.  Another problem that I have been having, which is common with the Canon G7x is that dust has gotten into the lens and there is no possible way to clean it without possibly damaging the lens, camera or both.  The only solution that I have found to remove the dust, is to drill a small hole into the side of the lens, then use a q-tip to wipe the dust out…  Not going to even attempt it.

So with my family having an upcoming trip I wanted to have a dependable camera that I could use.  My Canon T6i still works great, but it is bulky and a pain to carry when I will be on my feet for over twelve hours a day. That is when I saw the Canon EOS M50 for an incredible price on

The Canon EOS M50 has an interesting history, as short as it is.  When Canon released this camera in February of 2018, it was welcomed to less than favorable reviews.  Fans of Canon cameras did not like the build quality or size of this digital, mirrorless camera.  But since then, it has found it’s niche…  Vloggers…  Vloggers love this camera.  It’s size, it’s video quality, the flip around viewfinder and an external microphone jack all at a fraction of the cost of the Canon 80D which was the standard camera for most of the larger Vloggers.  With most of the bells and whistles of the 80D, the M50 is an affordable alternative.

The issue that I had was that I already own some Canon lenses that I use on my Canon T6i.  At first I thought that I was going to be able to use them with the Canon M50, but I was wrong.  The T6i accepts EF lenses, where the M50 uses the small M lenses.  I did not want to have to go out and purchase new lenses for the M50, especially when I had the same sizes for the T6i.  This is when I found out that there is actually and adapter that will allow you to used the EF lenses on a M mount camera… OK, this is looking better for the M50 every moment.

I was originally looking to purchase a Canon G7x Mark iii, I was familiar with how it worked and I already had some batteries, so I would not have to purchase extras… You always need extras.  But while looking at reviews of the Canon G7x Mark iii, I was noticing that it was still having the problem with the dust in the lens and that people were complaining that the auto-focus functions worked erratically.  Then the kicker was the camera’s price… $749.00!!!  That is about $200 more than I paid for my original G7x!  For this price, I was able to purchase the Canon EOS M50 Creator Kit (which came with a Rode microphone and 32GB memory card), lens adapter, Variable ND filter and 2 extra batteries.

So, I have been putting the M50 though its paces for the last week and I have to say that it is impressive.  The video quality is very good at 24fps and the manual settings are excellent.  It has the same menu as the Canon T6i, so there was not much that I needed to learn.  Changing the lenses, even with the adapter is quick and easy once you get the hang of it.

With this being said, I am very happy with my new “toy”.  I cannot wait to see the video and images that I am able to get on my upcoming vacation.

Do you own a Canon EOS M50?  What do you think of it?  Let us know.

Below are a couple of the images that were taken with the Canon EOS M50