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Black Hut Design is a Web Design company located in Northwestern Rhode Island.  We specialize in Custom Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress, Joomla, Search Engine Management (SEO).  We are able to design and implement a Web Solution for any need.
Black Hut Design also is able to create Video solutions for either broadcast or your Website.  Video is a great way to easily state your message is the shortest amount of time.
Black Hut Design has been in business since 1999 and we have developed over 250 Web Solutions.
Browse our website and see what Black Hut Design is able to do for you or your business.  If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate contacting us.

Services Offered

WordPress Custom Themes

Joomla Sites

MySQL Programing


Video Production

Social Media

About Us

Mark Plante hiking and doing photography.

Mark Plante

Mark is a graduate of The New England Institute of Technology and has been professionally doing Web Design now for almost 20 years. Using such applications as Joomla, WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Photoshop and many, many more.

Mark is also advanced at video editing with Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere and has been editing YouTube videos for clients for over 5 years.

Mark is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys nature photography and video as a hobby.  Mark is also an advanced drone pilot and is in the process of receiving his professional Drone License from the FAA.

Contact Mark Plante at http://www.blackhutdesign.com

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